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EliteOne Injection Gun

Designed and Engineered by experts in the concrete lifting industry
EliteOne Injection Gun

The EliteOne Injection Guns simple design is fundamental to the poly installation process. Throughout the years our partner HMI has dedicated years to designing this concrete lifting injection equipment specifically for concrete lifting.

  • Air pressure gauges

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    Save thousands on replacement parts

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    Valve Operated with one-way check valves



Using polyurethane foam is the process of pumping a liquid solution below concrete slabs or structures. Once the solution is injected, it begins to expand, lifting and supporting the concrete.

    Heavy Highways
    Residential Concrete Lifting
    Loose Soil Stabilization


FillFoam™ is composed of a resin that is pre-expanded with air, then introduced to a hardener completing the compound. When applied the hardener causes the resin to fully polymerize (harden).

    No Heat Created
    Absorbs Water from Overburdened Soil
    Hydro-Insensitive / UV - Intensive


Mudjacking, also known as slabjacking, or concrete raising is the practice of raising concrete slabs by hydraulically pouring a grout mixture, a sand-based substance infused with Portland cement, underneath the concrete slab.

    Environmentally Friendly
    Cost Effective

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