FillFoam™ & Void Filling

What is FillFoam™?

FillFoam™ is a pre-expanded open-cell foam formula with ideal characteristics for any void filling applications. Pumped at full volume, FillFoam™ does not lose volume when pumped in confinement.
FillFoam™ can be used in the following circumstance
● Void Filling ● Mines ● Tanks ● Culverts / Pipes ● Tunnels ● Wells ● Sink Holes ● Foundation backfill/crawl spaces
FillFoam™ is composed of a resin that is pre-expanded with air, then introduced to a hardener completing the compound. When applied the hardener causes the resin to fully polymerize (harden).

    No Heat Created
    Absorbs Water from Overburdened Soil
    Hydro - Insensitive / UV - Intensive

The Benefits

    No heat created during the installation
    Safe to install at any rate or quantity
    Can absorb water from overburdened soils
    Immune to seasonal changes
    Hyrdo-Insensitive / UV - Intensive
    Highly flowable
    Variable densities 10PSI to 50PSI on-site/same material
    (12 - 60 Cubic yards per hour depending on equipment)
    Lightweight & strong
    No heavy equipment required
    Cheap to transport
    Low labour costs
    Available in Canadian currency
    Elite pricing available, further discounting the product

The Applications

    Void Filling
    Culverts / Pipes
    Sink Holes
    Foundation backfill
    Crawl spaces

Without the bi-product of heat, FillFoam™ is a safe and fast way to fill voids and cavities quickly and with limited access. Unlike Polyurethane that is ‘blown’ with a chemical reaction via water or gas, FillFoam™ is air blown and then the cells are hardened.


Void Filling with Fillfoam™

Voids are caused by the development of settlement within the soil, they occur when the ground sublayer collapses. These voids can vary in size but have a detrimental impact on the environment around them. Voids can cause sinkholes, property damage and increase further settlement.

Any void can be filled, no void is too big or small

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