Polyurethane Foam & Deep FoamJection

Polyurethane Foam

HMI has developed this revolutionary new foam that is setting new standards in polyurethane foam quality. The American Society for Testing and Materials standards (ASTM) stated this recycled material is the best foam available for raising concrete and stabilizing soils.

Our Polyurethane Foam materials are specifically designed for a variety of different applications such as :
● Residential Concrete Raising● Heavy Highways● Industrial Flow Projects● Underwater Settings● Loose Soil Stabilization
Using polyurethane foam is the process of pumping a liquid solution below concrete slabs or structures. Once the solution is injected, it begins to expand, lifting and supporting the concrete.

    Time Saving & Down Time
    Eco Friendly
    Reduced Liability

Safety Summary

  • Health Effects

    ● Polyurethane foam consists of fully reacted polymers and is considered non-hazardous per OSHA 29 CFR1910.1200● The primary adverse health effects of cured polyurethane are related to dust generated by sanding, grinding, or cutting the cured foam. Similar to sawdust, or other fine powders, dust from polyurethane foam may irritate respiratory organs, eyes, and skin. Protective gloves, eye protection, and a dust mask should be worn when fabricating or cutting polyurethane foam.● Not listed as a carcinogen (NTA, IARC, OSHA)

  • Ecological Information

    ● Not a marine pollutant● Does not bio-accumulate● No mobility within the soil

  • Disposal

    ● Can be disposed of as ordinary industrial waste in compliance with local, provincial, and federal regulations

Deep FoamJection

The foam of choice, for sub-grade repair. Deep FoamJection Foam is a heavy-duty polyurethane foam specifically designed for jobs where water or moisture are present.
Our Deep FoamJection Foams can be used for :
● Foundations● Road and Parking Lots● Warehouse Floors● Tracks● Bridges● Crossings● Culverts
Using specialized ports to inject polyurethane foam solution directly into the subterranean environment. This solution starts to solidify, acting as a root system, to compress and support the surrounding soil.

    Will not absorb water
    Eco Friendly
    Chemically Resistant

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