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Answers to the most popular questions of our customers. Didn’t find what you need? Just send us a request.

  • How cold can polyurethane be installed at?

    It is recommended that the frost be out of the ground to ensure that the concrete is safe to lift, however the material itself requiers there to be a temperature of XXXXX

  • Do you have a product or equipment warranty?

    Our equipment warranty is XXXXX and our product warranty is XXXXX.

  • What payment options do you provide?

    We offer a variety of payment methods. We accept cash, cheques, e-transfers and credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard.

  • Do you have a money-back guarantee?

    We stand behind our products and therefor we offer XXXXXXX

  • Can the product freeze in shipping or storage?

    The product is shipped in two parts which are both liquids that are combined at the point of installation. Unless the temperature is below XXXXXX the product will remain stable and ready to use. 

  • What PPE is required to handle these materials?

    The product itself requires no PPE at the federal and provincial (Saskatchewan) legislative level. XXXXXX

  • Are there any harmful odors during installation?

    No, the products odor is not harmful and there are ZERO Volitile Organic Compounds (VOC's) in the material. What you are smelling is the energy transfer as the catalyst creates the chemical reaction required to change the liquids components into solid foam. 

  • What areas do you ship to?

    If you are currently located ANYWHERE inside Canada we will ship to. Yes this includes the territories. We will ship the product, equipment and supplies as close as functionally possible to the location of your choice. 

  • Why choose polyurethane or mudjacking? 

    Both these solutions have their positives and negatives to being valid solutions. As we provide products and services to both these industries we have to answer this question with a mute point. Both systems are both great for solving the problems present in the market, however if we are talking about versatility of a system and ease of installation, maintenance etc. then a poly is the system that is best to go forward with.