Polyurethane Installation Systems

Truck Systems

Please call, we would be happy to assist you with your custom unit.

● Tackles larger jobs (Can hold up to a tote set - 50 yards of material)● Can be installed in almost any van body truck.

These units contain the following

    HMI EliteOne Injection Gun Introductory Package
    Generator (Options Available)
    Electrical System
    Compressor (Options available)
    Work Bench
    Transfer Pumps
    Graco Reactor (Options Available)
    Heated Hose
    Hose Rack

Please note that FillFoam is not considered a Poly Unit as FillFoam requires a different rig to prepare, store, deliver and install the FillFoam material. You can, however, add FillFoam to your existing equipment setup.

Trailer Systems


● Can be detached and left at job sites● The system can be installed in almost any trailer over 14' ● More Affordable

These units contain the following:

    14 ft V-Nose Trailer
    HMI EliteOne Injection Gun Introductory Package
    Generator - 22 KW Gas
    Electrical System - 100 AMP SRV
    Compressor (Options Available)
    Workbench (Now larger) + Compressor / Air Dryer Stored Below. Provides extra room for custom storage in the generator room
    Transfer Pumps
    E-20 Reactor
    Refrigerated Air Dryer
    Heated Hose 160 Feet
    Hose Rack
    Ventilated Utility Room for the Generator and storage

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